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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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The videos on this page are high quality and professionally produced.  They were created to help educate the public about trapping and the critical role it plays in the management of our furbearing wildlife.   Please take the time to view these videos, it's well worth it.


Videos are approximately 10 to 14 megabytes in size and demand a high-speed internet connection to view, or download. They will take a few minutes to load with a DSL or Cable internet connection before playing. To play directly from website, just click on the Title.  To download, place your mouse over the video Title , right click and select "save target as" in the pop-up box list

**You must have windows media player on your computer to view the videos.  Click here to download Windows Media Player.


Destroying the Myth

For years, animal rights groups have succeeded in demonizing trapping as cruel and inhumane.  This new video explodes the heart of the anti-trapping strategy as false.    This video has proven to be a successful educational tool, showing trapping as it actually occurs. .

bulletDestroying the Myth (view online or download)

 Trapping Matters

The "Trapping Matters" video presents an overview of regulated trapping and furbearer management for use in hunter education courses. This video is an excellent introduction to regulated trapping as an important wildlife management tool. This is a two part video.  Once you have finished viewing Trapping Matters I, please continue by viewing Trapping Matters II.

bulletTrapping Matters Part I  (view online or download)
bulletTrapping Matters Part II (view online or download)

 Regulated Trapping & Furbearer Management in the U. S.

This 15-minute video presents the wildlife agency perspective on regulated trapping and furbearer management. Filled with information, insights and experiences of professional wildlife biologists, this video dispels the myths and misconceptions about this important wildlife management tool. This is a three part video. Once you have finished viewing Regulated Trapping and Furbearer Management I, please continue by viewing Regulated Trapping and Furbearer Management II, and finish by viewing Regulated Trapping and Furbearer Management III

bulletRegulated Trapping and Furbearer Management Part I (view online or download)
bulletRegulated Trapping and Furbearer Management Part II (view online or download
bulletRegulated Trapping and Furbearer Management Part III (view online or download)


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - Introduction to Modern Day Furbearer Trapping

This is a 45 minute PowerPoint presentation that introduces people to what trapping is all about and the important role it plays in conservation and management activities.  It highlights the fact that the act of furbearer trapping, when implemented as a management tool - has tremendous immediate and long-term benefits to wildlife and society.  Modern furbearer trapping is highly regulated, ecologically sound and animals trapped are always common and abundant.   Above all it emphasizes the fact that animal welfare is of highest priority by all regulating agencies.  This presentation is used in informational meetings around the state and shown to a variety of interest groups.

bullet  Introduction to Modern Day Furbearer Trapping (view online - may take a few minutes to load)
bullet  Introduction to Modern Day Furbearer Trapping (download .zip file)


Opportunity for All (not available here, follow link below to purchase)

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It's the Greatest Hunting Story Ever Told. "This is truly our greateset hunting story and a must-see for anyone who takes to the field with gun, bow or rod." Jim Zumbo, Outdoor Life Editor



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