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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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CRWM has presence at U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance "Trailblazers" Cape Cod outing

CRWM and Mass. Trappers Association join efforts

5/14/08 -- The CRWM and Massachusetts Trappers Association will set up an informational booth provide demonstrations at the Greenough Scout Reservation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts This is an all day event on Saturday May 3, 2008.  The goal was to disseminate factual information about furbearer trapping and the critical role it plays in wildlife management.  Informational packets and DVD's will be handed out, as well as DVD's. For more information about the event, CLICK HERE.   For more information about TRAILBAZERS and the Sportsmen's Alliance, CLICK HERE

Rain and cold weather dampened turn-out, but was still very successfull. Over 100 kids ranging for ages 8 to 13 attended.

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