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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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CRWM Mapper  Third registered CRWM September prize Winner! - Resident of Springfield, MA Thank you for participating.

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The CRWM is very excited about offering this unique opportunity to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Interactive Mapper will allow citizen participation in a grassroots effort to create a statewide geo-spatial database documenting animal/human conflicts they are observing in their towns.

The Mapper is available in both INTERACTIVE and VIEW-ONLY CRWM Mapper formats. To access the Interactive Mapper and add points, you will first need to register using a simple, quick and easy process. To register and login, click on the "INTERACTIVE CRWM MAPPER" image below.  To view the map without having to log in, click on the "VIEW-ONLY MAPPER" image.  We have created a "CRWM Mapper Questions & Answers" page that will be updated and added to as time goes on.

 GO TO INTERACTIVE MAPPER                                GO TO VIEW-ONLY MAPPER

          VIEW ONLY Mapper                                                    EDITABLE MAPPER

Our dedicated programmer, who created the CRWM MAPPER, donated many, many hours of his own time and expertise.  He has done an amazing job and many thanks for his efforts.  If you would like to donate directly to making the CRWM Mapper better and more effective, please donate.  Indicate that you would like to direct your donation directly to supporting the CRWM Mapper project [Click HERE to donate]. 

Quick tip: If you have trouble locating a specific "area of interest" after you zoom into a town, use and type in the street or street address to get reference landmarks to find the exact location on the CRWM Mapper.  In the future, we would like to incorporate this capability in the Mapper itself.

The CRWM Interactive Mapper allows you to place a point location on a map of Massachusetts where animal/human conflicts have occurred or are occurring.  Here are just some types of conflicts or events acceptable for posting:

bulletBeaver flooding of roads and driveways
bulletProperty damage such as loss of valuable trees
bulletPower-line damage due to felled trees by beaver
bulletContamination of water well, public or private
bulletCoyote attack on a pet
bulletCoyote attack on a person
bulletMuskrat damage to earthen dams or ponds
bulletFisher attack on pet
bulletDocumented rabid fox attack

Using the simple user interface, you can create a user name and password, then be able to query and zoom to any town in the state.  Using a topographic, aerial or satellite image in the background, you can quickly navigate to a location of a known problem or conflict.

Once you find your area of interest, you can drop a point on the map.  A box will appear with a series of drop downs for: species, type of conflict, date, estimate cost if any, etc.  There is also a short comments section and in the future, if we can secure some additional funding you will have the ability upload images.

The power of a single, statewide database of this nature is substantial.  It is our hope that this web based interactive Mapper will get people excited about participating in documenting issues they know about. Thank you for visiting!


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