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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

Caring for Wildlife Ecologicaly Sound Highly Regulated Benefits Common and Abundant THE HIGHEST PRIORITY

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Let's take another look at.....

 Regulated Furbearer Management Trapping in Massachusetts

......As a management tool, a regulated furbearer harvest, using nationally researched tools and methods have tremendous benefits to both wildlife and society.  Regulated furbearer harvests help in protecting our endangered species and contribute significantly to conservation efforts.  The animal rights community claims that society's participation in the management of wildlife is unnecessary and inhumane.  Contrary to these claims - the science, facts and the laws of nature consistently prove otherwise.  Nature adheres to laws outside the boundaries of society's preconceived notion of "right and wrong".   However, for our own humanity, if we are to be involved wildlife's natural cycle and not just be a spectator of it, the welfare of the animal must be the highest priority.  Keeping this in mind, we must never forget that death and cruelty are not always synonymous with each other - for without death there can be no life, whether done by human hands or not.  The public's understanding, tolerance and participation in furbearer management through the activity of regulated harvests creates a conservation ethic that transcends generations.  The power of this conservation ethic provides a true and intimate appreciation of life for all living things, based on a tangible understanding of our natural surroundings and the laws of nature. 

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