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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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'2015-'16 Legislation
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Advocating for Healthy Wildlife....

The CRWM advocates a multi-dimensional approach to the management of our resident furbearing wildlife.  This means it is critical that both non-lethal and lethal management methods are readily available and promoted by the regulating state authority.  It is essential for the health of our wildlife that emotional ideology or narrow minded agendas not play an influential role in the law making process that governs regulationApplying a one-dimensional approach over another must not overshadow the entire management program.  This is critical, given our changing landscape and the impacts occurring upon it.

Please review the column to the left.  It provides information on current laws, legislation and how you can help.

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