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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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Our Plan is to make a positive change in the management of our furbearing wildlife that will benefit both wildlife and society for generations to come.  It involves a network of local citizens around the state willing to get involved.  As this network grows, our ability to effectively communicate with our legislators on key wildlife management issues will grow as well.  Bills have been crafted, and will be sponsored and submitted during this legislative session ('2015 - '16).  It is our job to provide the public and their elected officials with the facts on the most effective, humane and widely accepted wildlife management methods available, explaining to them that the current unbalanced situation with our furbearing wildlife is unacceptable.  This is going to take a constant, persistent  campaign and can not occur without an organized effort.   This effort has to show there is a need and desire for change by the people.   You can be part of this effort.  We will help supply the knowledge and the tools, but citizens throughout the Commonwealth need to send the message.

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Last modified: January 22, 2015