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~Committed to Conservation, Education and the Preservation of our Natural Resources~

"Promoting Science Based Wildlife Management Decisions for a Better Massachusetts"

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Our Mission:

Is to ensure that decisions concerning the management of our furbearing wildlife in Massachusetts are based on science, not politics or emotional ideology.  We intend to help the residents of Massachusetts become better informed and educated on important furbearer wildlife management activities and the necessary tools that are currently severely restricted in Massachusetts.  In addition to people who are, or wish to become actively involved in the management of our resident furbearing wildlife, the intended audience includes those who have no desire to participate themselves, but are willing to listen.  The goal is to allow all citizens to form their own opinions concerning management methods and activities based on scientific inquiry and fact, not emotion or personal ideology.  We intend to provide factual information on furbearer management and create knowledgeable, well informed individuals who will then have the tools to answer tough questions based on decades of valuable conservation work and entire careers.   Everyone benefits from a reasonable, responsible, and flexible state regulated approach to wildlife management.   However, in order for this to happen, public support is critical, and education is paramount.

 Our Approach

The Committee for Responsible Wildlife Management  serves as the "voice of reason" and speaks for their membership promoting sound, scientific wildlife management decisions. 

This will be accomplished through:

bulletThe cultivation of positive relationships with our district legislators.  This is critical to ensuring our political decisions are based on the best possible science.  It also provides our politicians with an opportunity to become better educated and knowledgeable about proper wildlife management methods.  This approach also allows for an informed public to be involved in a meaningful, positive way in the political process.

bulletThe distribution of information to help foster a public understanding and appreciation of the  importance of wisely managing and conserving our furbearing wild resources, for the benefit of both wildlife and society.

bulletThe promotion of  wildlife management, using the most humane and best methods available.  All of which are based on solid science and years of dedicated research.

bulletThe encouragement of a healthy public sentiment in favor of better laws to protect our natural resources; to assist in the enactment of laws for the adequate protection and management of these natural resources.

bulletProviding access to essential information, and provide that information through seminars, presentations and workshops concerning proper wildlife management and the critical role trapping plays in effective state wildlife management plans.

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